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Security & Privacy comes at a price of inconvenience

Security & Privacy comes at a price of inconvenience

This happens all the time on the websites we visit. “Do you want Chrome to remember this password”. Sure, why not. It is so convenient. “Sign in With Google”, “Sign in with Facebook” are the other convenient options. Who is going to remember all these passwords anyway.

By signing in with your Gmail account on a website other than Google, you just told them that you are interested in the content shown on that website. What’s the big deal? You may ask. Well, be prepared for seeing relevant advertisements all over your visits to websites that Google partners with. There is nothing illegal about it, because by doing a “convenient” sign in you agreed to Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. They tell you that too. We just do not bother to read them. Let’s look in this way – we do not even want to remember our numerous passwords or use a password manager, there is absolutely no way we would read a 2 page long Privacy Policy which talks about our rights as an Internet user.

Google remembers all the searches you do, mixes and matches it with information you have already provided when signing up with them – like your age, gender and other personal and professional details. Other details can be easily guessed by the Google’s Search software to make a complete online profile of anybody. They do not sell your personal information to anyone.

Below is a copy paste from the Google Safety Center.

“We use data to serve you relevant ads in Google products, on partner websites, and in mobile apps. While these ads help fund our services and make them free for everyone, your personal information is not for sale. And we also provide you powerful ad settings so you can better control what ads you see.”

You can even ask Google to delete your search history entirely or for particular time periods. Not many people know this. There are a lot of other ways in which information is processed and used that if misused can be a potentially harmful privacy concern. We will talk more about cookies and other ways in forthcoming posts. Stay tuned.

What is a FREE Website

What is a FREE Website

What they don’t tell you if you don’t ask…

Let’s start with one of my favourite psychology quotes.

“You cannot possibly gain knowledge by asking questions, if you do not know what to ask”

I just want a website, that’s all i am interested in. People should know me either by my name or my business name online. It is an extremely simple and straightforward requirement of many users around the world who want a website.

I am willing to pay, so i just pay any one of the numerous companies who provide a website, isn’t it?

Sounds simple right? It is simple, if you know what you are paying for, however it’s simpler if you are clear what you are getting in return.

Get a free website, get online, make your digital presence and so on. All of us have seen numerous advertisements like these. Let’s find out what the words “FREE website” actually mean on the internet.

Let’s start with your website name. To put it simply, your website name is a word that people will type in Google or in a browser to to get to you. For example, if i wish to go to the BBC website, i will type bbc.com or bbc.uk in a browser. This is your website name or a domain name technically speaking.

For the above example, imagine that to get to BBC i have to type bbc.freewebsite.com. Is that a website name? Yes it is, however it’s not your website name, but of a company called freewebsite.com.

Therefore, if want to have a name of my company, my brand or maybe my first name & last name, then i would definitely want something like JamesBond.com and not iamasecretagent.jamesbond.com. This is exactly what you get when someone offers you a free website.

So you buy a website name for yourself, but what do you do with it? Just buying a website name isn’t gong to allow people to find you on the internet. So, you need to put your website name on the internet. You need a hard drive somewhere where you can store your website. This is called Hosting, which essentially means it’s a storage space on some computer on the internet that you are paying for.

If you think you have figured it out by now, read on. Who is going to make a website for you. You have a website name, you have somewhere to store it too, but what about making pages on it? This is where web designers and developers come in and you need to pay for it too.

To sum it up, there is nothing known as FREE on the internet as far as a website is concerned. If you want to have some fun and tell your friends hey i have a website, then go for it. There are hundreds of companies who will give it to you for free. However, if you are a somewhat serious business owner and are thinking of a long term gain, then you need to pay for your website name, pay for storing your website, and pay for someone to make pages for your website.

All done now, you have paid for everything after reading this post. Now your business is online with a fancy website name and you also have a few pages telling the world what you do or what you don’t. If people search for your name, they will find you. But what happens if someone searches for a product or service that you are offering on your website? Will everybody be able to reach to your website just by searching “best doctor in India”? No they wont.